Equipment Function Customization and Modification

  • Renovation of the mounting capacity of the ultra-long board (12 meters long) of the placement machine
  • Dispensing machine extra-long board (12-meter board length) mounting capacity modification.
  • Installation and modification of the Feeder Station on the rear side of the placement machine
  • The placement machine is equipped with a fixed camera or a left MARK recognition camera.
  • SMT flow direction transformation
  • SMT special-shaped nozzle customization
  • SMT OPTION installation (including MES docking) and modification.
  • Modification of the code scanning capability at the bottom of the placement machine
  • Reflow soldering fixed side modification.
  • Reflow soldering area nitrogen filling modification.
  • Reflow soldering adjacent area temperature difference of more than 70 degrees modification.
  • Reflow soldering cooling zone cooling capacity enhancement and transformation.
  • Reflow soldering MES docking, product tracking data output transformation.
  • Reflow soldering PCB real-time temperature curve monitoring and tracking system installation and renovation.
  • SPI/AOI MES docking, data output modification.
  • SPI/AOI bottom scanning capability retrofitted.


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