Vehicle Products

Application case analysis

Component height factors need to be considered when configuring the machine.

If the production line has YSM40R equipment, customers need to consider whether the production capacity of the printing machine and reflow soldering machine meets the requirements.

If the production line is equipped with a YSM40R or YSM20 double-track machine, the configuration of the transfer machine and double-track docking station needs to be considered.

Recommended products

Recommended Configuration


Production Speed(CPH)

YSM20R+ YSM10(camera+ATS)

58,000 ~ 62,000 CPH

YSM20R + YSM20R + YSM10(camera+ATS)

90,000 ~ 100,000 CPH

YSM40R+ YSM10(camera+ATS)

125,000 ~ 130,000 CPH

Product details

Product name

Module circuit board

Substrate size(mm


Fixture size(mm

No Fixture

Component type

45 ~ 60

Number of components(pcs

800 ~ 2500


1 ~ 20