Specialty Materials and Components (SMC) Business Unit focuses on the continuous development and promotion of specialty materials in different markets and components related to industrial automation.

SMC primarily offers high functional resin products from SOMAR, including epoxy insulation powders/liquids, widely used in fields such as micro-motors, EV motors, temperature sensors, etc… Besides, we also offer coated products applied in markets related to flexible printed circuit boards (FPCs), camera modules, smartphones, tablets, and monitoring systems.

In addition, SMC also provides protective films and ceramic glass. POLIFILM's protective films are mainly used in industries such as metal, plastic, aluminum-plastic doors and windows, and glass, offering effective surface corrosion protection and scratch resistance. SCHOTT's ceramic glass is applied in infrared heating systems for fireplaces and equipment, with strong safety, durability, and high thermal conductivity. SCHOTT also offers different specialty glasses for applications in AR glasses and the semiconductor industry.

Furthermore, SMC's product line extends to the field of industrial automation. We have introduced three distinct product lines to cater to the evolving needs of this market. Firstly, FESTO's pneumatic and electric drive products undertake tasks such as grabbing, moving, and positioning individual components, modules, or complete products. Secondly, SICK's industrial sensors provide precise and accurate data support, enabling advanced control and monitoring. Thirdly, MoTong’s multi-axis servo systems and I/O systems provide robust motion control capabilities for industrial manufacturing, ensuring seamless integration and precise motion in automated processes.

With a comprehensive product portfolio and a commitment to customer satisfaction, SMC has become a trusted partner in the field of specialty materials and industrial automation components. We focus on quality, innovation, and a customer-centric approach, adapting to the ever-changing market demands and providing tailor-made solutions to drive continuous improvement in customer productivity, efficiency, and overall enhancement.

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