Being one of the three business units under Industrial Materials and Equipment (IME) Division, Specialty Adhesive & Equipment (SAE) is a total solution provider regarding industrial automated bonding solutions. From providing the most precise bonding materials and precise micro-dispensing & curing system to adhesive characteristic assurance equipment, SAE offers a comprehensive product range to cover a variety of applications, including automotive, consumer electronics, electric motors, medical electronics, RFID, semiconductors, smartcard, and many more. Specialty Adhesive & Equipment (SAE) is a preferred and long-standing partner with leading international manufacturers including DELO, Iwashita (IEI), Janome, NETZSCH and Plasmatreat.


Innovations in smartphones, tablets, wearables and in the smart home sector are closely linked to innovations in adhesive bonding technology. Adhesives not only facilitate miniaturization, but also increase performance and improve smart device functionality and reliability. DELO high-tech adhesives are used to bond mini loudspeakers modules, camera modules, sensors, display, LED packaging, etc. These adhesives satisfy all standard tests customary in the industry such as the drop test or accelerated aging and are designed to enable the highest UPH.


Cars and adhesives go and grow together! Nowadays approximately 15 kg of adhesives go into a car. Advantages of DELO adhesives are obvious which adhesive offers high elasticity, can withstand major temperature fluctuations, reliable and permanent bonding of sensitive components, etc. Adhesives can be found in every car parts including interior and body applications, drive train and electric mobility, automotive lighting, automated mobility and comfort and infotainment.


Adhesives are key components in semiconductor market. From RFID labels, MEMS sensors to smart card chips, DELO adhesives are used to bond, contact and encapsulate chips and other SMD components on PCB boards. With DELO semiconductor adhesives, short cycles time, maximum precision and enhanced package performance can be achieved.


As a total solution provider regarding industrial automated bonding solutions, our product range covers curing lamps and dispensing equipment to adapt to high-tech adhesives and enable optimum production processes. Hence we offer adhesive characteristic assurance equipment, automated robotic systems and surface treatment technology to empower clients with tailored solutions to satisfy their needs.

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