About Us

Unotronix,Inc. is a majority-owned (60%) Filipino Corporation, with a foreign partner, ESEL Pte Ltd. a member of the Electronic Scientific Engineering Ltd. (ESE) of Hong Kong. The Company was incorporated in September 2006. Strategically, the Company focus on Government Agencies and Instrumentalities, the Utilities Sector, and Educational Institutions.

Our Company is involved in selling and providing services of High Quality Electrical and Electronics Products.

Particular to Test and Measuring Instruments, we have sourced the best valued Brands (quality and price) that will significantly help our Customers to build and maintain their high quality performance and services.

Driven by high-paced technology, we continuously update our product knowledge and source out the latest available products and solutions.

And to complement our Product Line, we have set-up an effective after-sales support with competent Repair and Calibration Services.