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Surface Mount Technology


  • Product Name: 3D Automated Optical Inspection System
  • Product Model: EAGLE 3D 8800 Series
  • Product Brand: Pemtron

Key Features

  • 8-Way Projection + 3-stage Lighting
  • Scan 2D, 3D Algorithms Simultaneously
  • Increased precision and detection using Telecentric Lens.
  • Easy-to-use UI and convenient programming
  • Built-in libraries and library management features
  • Minimize debugging time
  • Offline real-time debugging

Advanced High Speed Inspection and Measurement Technology

1、Shadowless Phase Measuring Profilometry

EAGLES 9MP 8 Projector 3D AOI inspects 100% of the PCB in 2D and 3D. Combining the 2 technologies gives a complete optical inspection of a PCB shadow free and low false calls maintaining a high flexibility in system functionality.

2High Speed Inspection Technology

EAGLES High Speed Option inspects in 40.5cm sq. per sec. by utilizing an advanced network of more robust CPU, controller boards and our proprietary developed 9MP 15um 180fps camera with telecentric lens.

3High Component Inspection Technology

EAGLES optional new 10-Way Projection Technology offers an industry first 27mm component height inspection in 100% 3D.

4Shadow Free 3D Technology

Eliminates shadow issues on highly populated PCBs and tall components.

5Optical Character Recognition

Recognizes component part characteers by using color and pattern algorithms. Ability to add & modify OCR font to optimize inspection condition.

63D Solder & Height Measurement

Using our advanced 3D technology, the EAGLE is able to take inspection to levels that are limited by conventional 2D systems. Adding solder height, volume and part co-planarity inspection provides enhanced defect detection capabilities.

73D Lead Inspection

3D measurement algorithms enable the EAGLE to measure lead height and volume of solder proving full-high quality 3D images.

82D RGB Algorithms

Through the RGB distinguish, operator can easily confirm the failures such as cold joint and lift lead.

An accurate and convenient Inspection by using Side Camera

Four high-definition cameras on the side and a dedicated algorithm optimized for both use and side inspection is available for real-time inspection.

Ease of programming (Auto Teach Function)

Advanced 3D imaging technology allows us to measure and recognize the geometric
shapes of PCB components and automatically link them to our built in parts library.


Machine Model Standard Version   Pro Version
2D/3D Vision Algorithm 2D: Vision Inspection Algorithm   3D: PMP Algorithm(Moire Tecnology)
Camera 9MP 12MP
X/Y Resolution 10um 15um 18um 15um
Machine Model Eagle 3D 8800 HS Eagle 3D 8800 HSL` Eagle 3D 8800 HSD Eagle 3D 8800 HSDL
Max. PCB Size 330 *330 mm 510 *510 mm

DL:330*280 mm

SL:330 *500 mm

DL:510*330 mm

SL:510 *600 mm
Min. PCB Size 50 *50 mm    
PCB Thickness 0.4 – 7.0 mm    
PCB Clearance Top:50 mm   Bottom:50 mm   
Height Range 0-5.5 mm (Option 27 mm)   
Max. PCB Warpage ±3 mm   
Power Requirement 220-240Vac,Single Phase, 50/60 Hz   
Dimensions(mm) 1030*1215*1625 1210*1395*1625 1050*1790*1640 1190*1776*1651

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