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Surface Mount Technology

VCO 755 Vertical Format Oven

  • Product Name: Inline Vertical Format Mini Curing Oven
  • Product Model: VCO 755
  • Product Brand: Heller

      The VCO 755 in-line vertical format mini curing oven conveys product from the assembly line onto rails inside the oven... then transports it up, across and back down to the line in a continuous stream... with cycle times as short as 25 seconds. Increase productivity, improve quality, reduce costs... with vertical format curing solutions from Heller.

Key Features:

  • For die attach, flip chip underfill and COB encapsulation...
  • Process: >165c@60min
  • CT: <60s
  • Oven Length: <2米


Machine Model Heller VCO 755
PCB Width 75 – 250 mm
PCB Length 250 mm
Vertical Pitch 19.05 mm
Total carriage 50 Boards
Transport System Computer Controlled width,Rack & Pinion drive
Overall Dimensions L1850 x W1500 x H1670 mm

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