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Product Name: High-speed High-precision Hybrid Off-Line AOI
Product Model: YSi-S
Product Bland: YAMAHA


  • 5 Mega Pixels camera
  • Inspection speed 15 sec for L330 x W250 mm PCB (under 3 illumination optimum condition)
  • Three colors per three angles, Eyes to distinguish color and shape,
    Steady irradiation lighting to object, No vulnerability of the angle
  • Three type of lights used to parts dimensionly definition (visible rays, Infrared rays and laser)


  • Field of View(FOV)
  • Camera
    5M pixel color CCD
  • Illumination
    High/Middle/Low, Red/Green/Blue/infrared
  • Board size
    L50xW50 to L600xW460
  • Speed
    25 sec / M size board
  • Resolution
    XY resolution: 19um (possible to choose among 19um/10um/5um when shipped at factory)
    Height resolution: laser 5um

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