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  • Product Name: High-end Hybrid optical inspection system (AOI)
  • Product Model: YSi-V
  • Product Bland: YAMAHA


  • Performs 2 Dimensional inspections, 3 Dimensional inspections, and 4-direction oblique image inspections all in one unit! It has more than double the inspection capability of ordinary inspection systems.
  • 2D High-speed, high-resolution 2-dimensional inspections
  • 3D Height, and sloped surface 3-dimensional inspections (option)
  • 4D 4-way angular camera (option)

Key Technologies


Model YSi-V,High-end Hybrid optical inspection system (AOI)
Camera Pixel 12 Million Pixels 5 Million Pixels
Machine Type 12M TypeHS 12M TypeS 12M TypeDF 5M
Resolution 12μm 7μm 12μm 7μm 12μm 18um
PCB Size

Single Lane:L 610 x W 560 - L 50 x W 50 mm

Dual Lane:L610 x W510 - L50 x W50 mm (SL Mode)
                    L610 x W280 - L50 x W50 mm (DL Mode)

Inspection Lighting Visible light (Red/Green/Blue) and Infra-Red
Power Supply 3-phase AC 200/208/220/230/240/400/416V ±10%,50/60Hz
Air Supply 0.4 MPa or more, clean and dry state
Dimensions L 1,252 x W 1,497 x H 1,550 mm
Weight Approx. 1,300 kg

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