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Surface Mount Technology

SATURN Inline Color 3D SPI

  • Product Name: Color 3D Solder Paste Inspection System
  • Product Model: SATURN Series
  • Product Brand: Pemtron

Key Technologies

  • Fast – Dual 3D Projection
  • Reliable - 2D / 3D Combined Inspection Shadow Effect Prevention
  • Accuracy - Automatic Warpage Compensation by Image Recognition
  • Precise – High Accuracy Linear Motor
  • Technology - Composite Color 3D Image Processing Technology
  • Ease of Use – Standard Solder Inspection Library & Programming in 5 minutes

Advanced High Speed Inspection and Measurement Technology

1、Dual 3D Projection

  • Based on the standard dual 3D projection, Saturn can effectively eliminate the shadow effect and provide high-quality 3D image with high-performance camera which ensure high-precision and high-speed inspection.
  • For high-end applications such as semiconductors, Saturn can be equipped with quad 3D projectors to meet the needs of high-end product inspection.

2、Color 3D Image

  • Conventional SPI can only calculate height above silk print levels but Saturn can separate the copper, silk and solder paste by using color enhancing algorithm and can calculate height from copper to solder paste. Saturn also has the capacity to inspect items lower than 40um.
  • A fully rotational color 3D image of the solder paste form is displayed and enables users to view image details of the pad easily and eliminates the need of confirming the defect under a microscope.

3、High Accuracy Linear Motor

  • The use of Linear X/Y motors ensures a high accuracy under ±3um.

4、Standard SPI Library

  • Based on the experience of AOI, Pemtron firstly import the standard library of SPI and standardize SPI inspection parameters for all programs. When making a new program, all pad parameters can be set with one key operation which can reduce the programming time and production change time, improving the accuracy of parameter setting.

5、Enhanced SPC Function

  • SPC System can analyze the defective data and process situation which ensures the operator to find the problems easily. The unique SPC real-time monitoring function can monitor the X-Bar, R-Bar, CP and CPK of products in the production process in real time. The system will pop up alarm windows when the process deviates.
  • SPC data can be exported in a various file format such as PDF, Excel, Word and Images. The final users can save them as needed. Also, with the enhanced SPC server function, data from multiple lines can be controlled together or individually.

6、Real Time Process and Quality Control Solutions


Vision Algorithm 2D:Vision Inspection Algorithm     3D:PMP Algorithm
Camera 4MP、10MP、12MP
X/Y Pixel Resolution 12um、15um、18um
Height Range 0 - 450um
Height Accuracy 1um
PCB Thickness 0.4 – 7 mm
Max. PCB Warpage ±5mm
Max. PCB Size 330*330mm 510*510mm





Motor Type X/Y Linear Servo Motor
Power Requirement 200-240Vac, 50/60Hz,Single Phase
Remark SATURN supports special board size requirement(Max. Board length is 1.5m)

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