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Surface Mount Technology

Mercury Automated X-RAY SMD Counter

  • Product Name: Automated X-RAY SMD Counter
  • Product Model: Mercury
  • Product Brand: Pemtron

Key Features:

  • Artificial Intelligence Basis & No Teaching Process
  • Automatic Counting & Components Recognition
  • Automated Parameterizing
  • Counts from Minimum 0201 Size Metric (008004 Chip) to Large Components such as Connector
  • Counts (4) 7” Reels at once [Capable of Quad Count]
  • Updates Learning Data through Cloud
  • Supports MES or ERP

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology

1、Artificial Intelligence Basis

Based on Artificial Intelligence technology, Mercury can automatically set the inspection parameters and counts the components automatically. There is no need for teaching process and the operator does not need special training which reduces the education cost. Eventually, operators can operate the machine without any separate education immediately.

2、Wide Coverage of Component Types

  • Counts from Minimum 0201 Size Metric (008004 Chip) to Large Components such as Connector
  • Count capacity of Vacuum-packed Reels with Desiccant, Reels Contained Foreign Object, Tube Packing,Tray Packing,Bulk Units and High Height Components

3、High Speed and High Accuracy

  • Accuracy > 99.9%
  • Inspection Time:Single Reel : 8 sec. 4 Reels : 12 sec

4、Support MES and ERP System

  • Countting results can be output by TXT or CSV format which is convenient for MES system.
  • Countting results can printed by label printer automaticlly.

5、Sample Images


Machine Model Mercury Automated X-RAY SMD Counter
Reel Size Standard Reel up to 15”
Reel Height 120 mm
Component Small up to 0201 Metric (008004) Chip
Accuracy > 99.9%
Inspection time Single Reel: 8 seconds     4 Reel: 12 seconds
PC & OS Window 10 Professional,64 bit / Touch Monitor
Power Requirement 220V 50/60Hz,Single Phase
Accessories ZEBRA Hand-held Barcode Scanner

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