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Founded in January 2002, Pemtron Corporation is well known as a superior technology company which is famous for design and mamufacturing of SPI.

On the basis of the fundamental technology of 3D precision measurement, Pemtron Corporation has developed and supplied 3D SPI(Solder Paste Inspection System), etc in the high technology field of SMT, semiconductor.

Pemtron's color 3D solder paste inspection (3D SPI) device uses the latest color algorithm to produce images like the actual PCB. The color 3D solder paste inspection (Color 3D SPI) connects 2D colored images with 3D measuring data (3D Moire Technology) to provide detailed and accurate 3D color images, making the operation of equipment much easier.

Pemtron's color 3D solder paste inspection (3D SPI) device has the capability of providing closed loop with both screen printers and mounters. This function can bring great benefit for high quality, high accuracy PCB Assembly and industrial 4.0 applications

TROI-7700E Color 3D SPI System
TROI-7700H Color 3D SPI System
EAGLE 3D 8800 Compact 3D AOI
EAGLE 3D 8800TH 3D Through Hole Inspection System
PEMTRON PS Series Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM)
EAGLE 3D 8800TWIN 3D Double Sizes Inspection System
TROI-8800CI Conformal Coating Inspection System
Mercury Automated X-RAY SMD Counter
SATURN Inline Color 3D SPI
ATHENA Inline Color 3D AOI