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Solderstar Ltd is a recognized technology leader in the design and manufacture of thermal profiling systems for electronic soldering processes. Based in Manchester,UK, the company offers the most comprehensive range of process control solutions for Electronic Manufacturers. Solderstar products satisfies all of today’s thermal process control needs, from full-feature high performance product profiling for reflow, wave, and selective solder processes to fully integrated SPC capabilities for continuous quality and process control.

Solderstar products cover electronic testing, solar energy, automobile manufacturing, glass and ceramic firing, metal heat treatment and many other industries. According to the different requirements of each customer, the company launched a variety of high-precision temperature tester models and functions to meet the market needs.

Application Fields:

Reflow, Wave, Selective and Vapour Phase Soldering Processes

A small sample list of our clients and users in the Electronics Industry worldwide:

  • Bosch
  • Celestica
  • Dolby Laboratories
  • éolane
  • Foxconn
  • Goodrich Aerospace PLC
  • Harman Becker
  • Inventek
  • Jabel Circuits
  • Kamstrup
  • Lacroix Electronique
  • MBDA
  • Nippon Denso
  • Omron
  • Philips
  • Raytheon Systems
  • Schweitzer Engineering
  • TT Electronics
  • UK NSI
  • ViaSAT
  • Wolfsen Microelectronics
  • Yazaki Automotive
  • Zollner Automotive

Solderstar Pro Reflow Profiler
WaveShuttle Pro
Wave Selective Profiler
Vapour Phase Profiler
DIP Solder/Multi-wave Profiler
Automatic Profiling Systems
Solderstar DeltaProbe Oven Verification Fixtures