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      Founded in 1875, Shimadzu Corporation has been providing the world with cutting-edge products for over 140 years. Shimadzu released its first X-ray generating equipment for industrial use in 1933 and now has over half a century of experience in this field. One major feature of Shimadzu products is the outstanding sharpness of the images they produce. This is the result of Shimadzu's expertise at creating all three key components: the X-ray generator, the X-ray detector, and the image processing technology. Another major feature of these instruments is their user-friendly design. All our new instruments can perform observation positioning via an external image, allowing the operator to focus on the inspection display. Further, by eliminating the necessity for various types of calibration and automating as many tasks as possible, these instruments have been designed so that anyone can easily generate clear images.

      Shimadzu X-Ray inspection systems are well known for compact design, clear imaging quality, excellent performance and safety and are used worldwide in PCBA industry, semiconductor industry and FA/QA laboratory. Systems are CE, CSA and TUV certified and exceed all safety requirements set forth by CDRH and FDA regulations.

SMX-800 Micro-focus X-Ray Inspection System
SMX-1000 Plus/SMX-1000L Plus Micro-focus X-Ray Inspection System
Xslicer SMX-6000 Micro-focus X-Ray Inspection System