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Digital Power Meter


The WT300E series is the enhanced version of Yokogawa’s 5th generation of compact power meters. The world’s best-selling power meter is the instrument of choice for a wide range of applications in production testing, quality assurance and Research & Development. WT300E power meters are easy to use, cost effective and accurate for diverse applications such as the testing of electric devices, the development and evaluation of home appliances and induction cookers, battery and DC driven device testing, and conformance tests on uninterruptable power supplies. The exceptional low power performance of the WT300E and power consumption software enables users to easily test their instruments to Energy Star, SPEC and standby power standards.


The WT300E's wide range of functions and enhanced specifications, allows handling of all the measurement applications from low frequency to high frequency inverters using a single power meter.

  1. Accuracy with fast display and update rate:
    The WT300E series with the fast display update rate of 100ms, offer’s engineers a short tact time in their testing procedures. The basic accuracy for all input ranges is 0.1% rdg + 0.05% rng (50/60Hz) and DC 0.1% rdg + 0.2% rng.

  2. Simultaneous Measurement:
    U/I/P/Freq/Integ(+/-)/Harmonics components/ THD with max. 100ms cycle.

  3. Bandwidth: DC and 0.1Hz to 100 kHz (WT310EH is up to 20 kHz for 40A).

  4. Direct Input: Maximum direct input of up to 600V and 20A, or 40A (incase of WT310EH). The wide current input ranges on the WT310E series, give users the option to measure current as low as 50 micro-Amps to as high as 40Arms (incase of WT310EH).

  5. High-speed data update (up to 10 readings per second.)

  6. The WT300E series offers a wide range of communication interfaces such as USB, GP-IB or RS-232 (selectable) and Ethernet Modbus/TCP (Optional)


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