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Metrahit OUTDOOR

TRMS system multimeter with digital display (12,000 digits), data logger and IR interface

The METRAHIT AM XTRA is the top-of-the-line instrument of the METRAHIT Advanced Multimeter series.

The multimeters of the METRAHIT AM series, including METRAHIT AM BASE, PRO, TECH and XTRA, are extremely rugged, reliable digital multimeters with housings made of impact-resistant plastic. They feature an appealing design and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

The OUTDOOR multimeter has been specially designed and manufactured to meet the challenges faced by engineers and technicians in adverse environments. It´s extremely rugged, impact-resistant, water-proof and dust-proof, and is resistant to extreme temperatures.

METRAHIT OUTDOOR Technology and scope of functions are the same as with the METRAHIt X-TRA.

  • Extremely rugged, dust and water-proof variant with IP 65 protection
  • Voltage: DC / AC 10 μV ... 1000V
  • Current: DC / AC: 10 nA ... 10.00A
  • Clip function 1000/100/10/1:1 for current transformers
  • Resistance: 10 mΩ... 40.00 MΩ
  • Frequency: 10.00 Hz ... 100.0kHz
  • Diode / Continuity
  • Temperature TC with K-type/Pt100/Pt1000 : –250 ... 1300 ° C
  • TRMS bandwidth: 10 kHz
  • ABS Automatic Blocking Sockets
  • DAkkS Calibration Certificate
  • Temperature measurement with Pt100(0) resistance thermometer
  • Broad range capacitance measurement
  • Frequency and duty cycle measurement at 2 to 5 V signals or up to 1 MHz
  • Data memory and bidirectional infrared interface
  • TRMSAC, AC+DC measurement up to 20 kHz for voltage and current
  • Data logger and IR interface for PC
  • Power pack connector socket


Three Connector Jacks with Automatic Blocking Sockets (ABS)

All current ranges are implemented via a single connector jack which prevents any possibility of operator error. Beyond this, the automatic blocking sockets prevent incorrect connection of the measurement cables, as well as selection of the wrong measured quantity. Danger to the user, the instrument and the device under test resulting from operator error is thus ruled out.

Activatable Filter for V AC Measurement

A 1 kHz low-pass filter can be activated if required, for example when measuring motor voltage at electronic frequency converters. The input signal is checked by a voltage comparator for dangerous voltages as long as the low-pass filter is activated.

Fast Acoustic Continuity Test

Testing for short circuiting and interruption is possible with the selector switch in the position. The threshold value for acoustic signaling can be set to 1, 10, 20, 30, 40 or 90 W

Automatic Storage of Measured Values

The DATA function automatically saves the digitally displayed measured value after settling in. Acoustic signaling is also used to indicate whether the new measured value deviates from the initial reference value by less or more than 0.1% of the measuring range.

Storage of Min-Max Values

Comparable to the slave-pointer function of an analog instrument, the device saves the highest and lowest measured values after the MIN/MAX function has been activated or reset. These extreme values can be queried at the display.

DAkkS Calibration Certificate

The multimeters are furnished with an internationally valid DAkkS calibration certificate (recognized by EA and ILAC). After the specified calibration interval has elapsed (recommended interval:
1 to 3 years), the multimeters can be inexpensively recalibrated in our own DAkkS calibration laboratory.


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