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PCR-MA Series

Compact AC Power Supply PCR-MA Series : 4 Models


The PCR-MA AC power supply series is a PWM inverter type (switching) power supply that builds on the success of our conventional model, the PCR-M. Maximum output voltage has been increased to 310Vrms AC while maintaining a compact, portable design. The digital interface now includes LAN (LXI) and USB as standard, with GPIB as a factory option for easy integration into any test system. The LXI compliant LAN interface allows the operator to easily monitor and control the instrument via virtual interface wherever they are. Various features including a remote sensing function have been introduced to ensure precise voltage and current measurements. Other features including DC mode, memory functions, and various protections make the PCR-MA the most accessible AC power supply on the market.


Compact design

Small enough to fit on your work desk !
Only 214W X 124H X 350D mm !
Weights only 6 kg and easy to carry !

Selectable output modes

In addition to "AC mode" and "DC mode", an AC+DC external analog interface board option (EX08-PCR-MA) allows for output control via "EXT-AC mode" and "EXT-DC mode" through external analog signals.

Memory function

The PCR-MA can store up to three sets of output voltage, frequency, and limit value setting via front panel. Additionally, when using communication commands, the internal memory can store up to 11 settings.

Versatile measurement capability

THE PCR-MA is capable of measuring the voltage, current and power of AC and DC output. It can also display the true RMS and average (DC) values of the output voltage as well as the true RMS, peak, and average (DC) values for the output current. When used with digital interface, the PCR-MA can also measure apparent power (VA), reactive power (VAR), power factor (PF), and peak hold current.

Communication interface

LAN and USB digital interface included (GPIB optional)

Easy access with the built-in web server

Use a browser from a PC, smartphone, or tablet to access the web server built into the PCR-MA series for convenient control and monitoring.



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