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CM2600d / CM2500d


The CM-2600d/CM-2500d Spectrophotometer is a handheld, portable measurement instrument designed to evaluate the color, relative gloss, and UV characteristics of samples very small to large in size (CM-2600d) / medium to large in size (CM-2500d), particularly with flat surfaces. This high performance, precise spectrophotometer enables users to evaluate, reproduce, and control the color and appearance of objects in a more effective, streamlined process. Its advanced optical design and features help to establish and meet color quality standards more efficiently, maintain consistency in each batch of material, and communicate color seamlessly internally and throughout the supply chain. This makes the CM-2600d/CM-2500d suited for each stage of the manufacturing process, including R&D analysis, quality control inspections, and process control procedures.

The CM-2600d/CM-2500d Spectrophotometer is compatible with SpectraMagic NX software to record measurements and provide a more comprehensive color analysis.


  • Adjustable aperture switches between 3mm and 8mm (CM-2600d)
  • Fixed 8mm aperture is ideal for evaluating the color and appearance of samples medium to large (CM-2500d)
  • Tight inter-instrument agreement measures consistently with other instruments of the same model, allowing color values and specifications to be communicated, shared, and coordinated seamlessly throughout the supply chain
  • Pass/fail assessments immediately determines if the sample meets the defined standard or target color
  • Numerical Gloss Control measures level of relative gloss for more control of a sample’s appearance
  • Conveniently measures SCE and SCI simultaneously for more consistent readings and to accommodate the surface conditions of each sample
  • Numerical UV Control performs measurements with and without UV simultaneously for more control of a sample’s appearance, particularly with optical brighteners
  • Conveniently illuminates where the instrument is pointing
  • LCD displays measurement results clearly and reversing in direction according to how it’s held so that data is always facing upright to the user
  • Portable, handheld, lightweight design powered by batteries or AC adapter
  • Simple, straightforward navigation wheel with options easily understood by new users
  • Six language options -English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Japanese
  • Integrates with SpectraMagic NX software to record measurements and provide a more comprehensive color analysis for color quality control


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