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Model 800-8-212-TP100 Series Gfast 8-Channel Loop Simulators

Introducing the world’s first commercially available Production Gfast Loop Simulators

Main Features

  • Simulation of TP100 as defined by BBF WT-285 issue 2 (Attenuation, Impedance, Group Delay, and DC Resistance)
  • Bandwidth DC to 240 MHz
  • 8 independent channels (fixed length, twisted pair)
  • 65dB isolation between channels for 8 independent loops
  • Passive design provides very low noise floor of less than -160 dBm/Hz
  • Reliable and repeatable test results
  • Supports testing of Reverse Power Feeding
  • 1U rack-mountable standalone chassis
  • Modular design allows for expansion to build dense configurations
  • Extend length by cascading from channel-to-channel or through unit-to-unit jumpering
  • Automate variable loop lengths by integrating with Telebyte’s 600 Series Switch Modules
  • Ideal for many applications including production testing, aftermarket services and bonding

Poduct Overview

Telebyte’s Model 800-8-212-TP100 series is the world’s first commercially available line of Production Gfast simulators. These 8-channel products utilize a passive design that features a very low noise floor, providing realistic, repeatable test results. Users can extend line lengths by jumpering from channel-to-channel and/or unit-to-unit.

Product Specifications 800-8-212-tp100-25

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