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PFX2500 Series

Charge/Discharge System Controller : 4 Models


PFX2500 Series is a high performance Charge/Discharge system controller that takes measurements in combination with our DC power supply and electronic load in order to evaluate test sample (electric storage elements such as secondary batteries) characteristics. It is also capable to perform evaluation test with high-performance, large capacity and wide range of rating with the combination of DC power supply and electronic load.
Execution of the test is conducted by the exclusive application software. The test corresponds to long time continuous test and synchronization test with temperature chambers with the multiplexed protection performance. In addition, easy data editing is also capable with fulfilling graphic performance.

Spec Comparison


  • Maximum voltage: 60.0000 V/Maximum current: 50.0000 A (PFX2532: 200.000A)
  • Capable of seamless charging/discharging (high speed charging/discharging transfer control)(2512/2532)
  • Capable of high-precision measurement of cumulative capacities and amount of power as well as voltage and current
  • Pattern charging/discharging capabilities by 10000 steps are installed
  • Supporting temperature measurement and capable of monitoring temperatures during charging/discharging
  • High speed sampling with maximum 1 ms can be realized (2512/2532)
  • A 6 V range is newly installed and is capable of high-precision measurement (2512/2532)
  • Fully equipped with safety features of the overcharge protection using voltage, electric charge and temperature
  • Battery deterioration is prevented by turning off the output after detecting wobbling and shock with vibration sensor
  • LAN as standard equipment (2512/2532)
Complicated Systems Integrated into One
PFX2500 Series has integrated systems into one unit where battery evaluation is required. In addition, the series has high degrees of flexibility corresponding to wide range of rating since it is possible to combine our conventional DC power supply (for charging) and our electronic load (for discharging) tailored to needs. Introduction cost is able to be reduced by selecting equipment which meets charge/discharge test condition required.
Corresponding to Specification Test Pattern by Realizing Seamless Charge/Discharge (PFX2512/2532 only)
A certain time was required for transferring power supply and electronic load in the past. Seamless charge/discharge transfer has been realized at PFX2512/2532 by the simultaneous control of power supply and electronic load. For this reason, correspondence to characteristic test of recapturing complex applications such as application where charge/discharge repeating without taking breath is performed for electric motorcycle and electric assisted bicycle as well as electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle, and application for UPS for peak shift and to specification test pattern where continuous charge/discharge is performed such as IEC62660 became possible.
Realized Maximum 1 ms High Speed Data Sampling (PFX2512/2532 only)
Minimum 1 ms (maximum 6000 points for every profile) voltage/current measurements are capable by assigned voltage and current steps as trigger. This is most suited to impedance analysis of test and evaluation of life determination since high-precision voltage waveform synchronized to step current can be acquired.
  • Sampling rate: selected from 1 ms/10 ms/100 ms
  • Cell voltage meter: fixed at 100 ms of sampling rate (at OP02-PFX installed)
  • 4 types of measurement start triggering (just after charge-discharge start/just before charge-discharge completion)
  • Measurement data memory capacity (128 Mbits):6000 sampling storage: 6 s @1 ms/60 s @10 ms/ 600 s @100 ms
System Configuration

PFX2512/2352 Exclusive Application Software, BPChecker3000
The application software, BPChecker3000 (SD007-PFX), equips with the new features of PFX2512/2532 where test condition and graphical drawing function are emphasized on existing BPChecker2000, and it realizes [Seamless Charge/Discharge] and [High Speed Data Sampling]. At the test condition setting, the test condition (project) is created from database compiled charge/discharge condition (profile).
The test execution shows that graphical display function is emphasized in its extraction and overwriting functions for larger data integration. In addition, synchronized operation with a temperature chambers is capable and the charge/discharge test is comprehensively controlled including temperature control under test environment. Further more, it can be applied to the operation with [CAN Bus] for which demand will be increased accompanied by the technical development of battery management in future.
[Caution]BPChecker3000 is essential for PFX2512/2532 performance. PFX2512/2532 does not work with BPChecker2000.
PFX2511 Exclusive Application Software, BPChecker2000 Basic
The application software, BPChecker2000, can manage all processes from creating the test condition file to output of the test result file. Setting and execution of conditions for battery charge and discharge characteristics test and an analysis of test results can be performed on the PC. In addition, if the PC is equipped with GPIB communication environment, it can externally control the temperature chambers manufactured by ESPEC, and it allows to synchronize with the temperatures in the chamber.
* The control of BPChecker2000 Basic supplied with PFX2511 is limited to 2 channels. BPChecker2000 Full Edition with no function limit is sold separately.



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