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KHA1000 Series

Harmonic/Flicker Analyzer for IEC61000-3-2/3 : 2 Models


KHA1000 is a harmonic and flicker analyzer compliant with the latest versions of the relevant IEC/EN and JIS standards that is intended for testing single-phase, two-line equipment. Using this device alone, you can perform a series of processes involved in a compliance test - from setting test conditions and running the test to monitoring the test status in real time, judging test results against limit values, and outputting result reports - through simple operations without the use of any dedicated software. Also, a test system can be set up with ease by combining KHA1000 with an AC power supply (PCR-LA Series) and a line impedance network (LIN40MA-PCR-L).


No need for a PC for compliance testing

Using this device alone, you can perform a series of test processes - from setting test conditions and running the test to judging test results against limit values and outputting result reports - without the use of a PC or dedicated software. The device displays pass/fail results and spectrum data on the screen in real time. Whatユs more, since KIKUSUIユs PCR-LA Series AC power supply can be controlled from KHA1000, you can set up an easy-to-use test system with the operation panel of this device used as the main console.

Customization of test conditions

Customizing test conditions as appropriate for the equipment under test (EUT) is easy. You can save customized test conditions in a file, thereby making it easy to repeat tests under the same conditions as well as to reuse the saved test conditions for other tests with part of the parameters changed. This enables speedy test condition setting in such cases as when you want to run tests on many EUTs under similar conditions. It also helps reduce condition setting mistakes.

Easy-to-view screen and real-time measurement

KHA1000 features an 8-inch TFT color liquid crystal display. Its graphical display of various data helps you grasp the EUT status at a glance. It also offers a real-time measurement capability that allows you to set and change test conditions while making a measurement. Many conventional test systems deal with the measurement process and the pass/fail judgment process as separate routines, and it often takes time before you get test results. By contrast, KHA1000 enables you to examine the effect of your trial-and-error effort on the circuit while changing judgment criteria. This is very convenient in identifying and solving problems at the development stage.

Guidance on standards and technical terms (Assist function)

The Assist function is provided that guides you on the technical terms used in the standards concerned, as well as through the equipment class setting procedure. Using this function, even those who are not well versed with the standards can readily get started with the test.

CF card offering smooth interaction with a PC (external memory)

The compact flash (CF) memory card is used to store test conditions and reports, screen hard copies, and other data. This makes it easy to exchange data with a PC. In addition, when the pertinent standard has been revised, you can update the system by plugging in the CF card into KHA1000’s front panel.

*The CF card is to be purchased separately by the user.

All major basic measurements covered

KHA1000 lets you measure all major basic items including voltage, current, power, power factor, apparent power, reactive power, and frequency. It also provides other measurement functions such as waveform monitoring, trend display, and rush current measurement. These features make KHA1000 a convenient routine work tool for the development and design processes.

Easy connection

The terminals for power source and load are neatly separated. This arrangement of terminals relieves you of the worry about a connection mistake leading to a short circuit. Of course, voltage sensing is supported for the EUT terminals as well. KHA1000 offers both simplicity and expandability.

Communication interfaces

KHA1000 comes equipped with GPIB, RS-232C, and USB ports.

Support for both PDF and text formats (test reports)

KHA1000 outputs test reports in PDF format to a CF card. You can view and print the reports easily using a PC. Since it is also possible to output report data in text format, you can create test reports in your proprietary format.



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