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Test Device Containment Module (TCM)

Optimal Conditions for Reliable Results

With the rising demand in mobile data traffic and the constant search for ways to increase network efficiency, mobile devices (smartphones) have rapidly evolved to support multiple bands. Based on new antenna technologies, such as MIMO, the number of internal (built-in) RF antennas per device has increased. Latest international ETSI standards suggest that measurements based on external RF antennas are not applicable when MIMO technology
is required as they do not reflect the real end-user experience. Also, it is generally known and proven in lab measurements, that uncontrolled and high test device temperatures can negatively affect the device‘s performance and its measurement results.

Therefore, Rohde & Schwarz mobile network testing (MNT) has designed the test device containment module (TCM), which sets optimal conditions for uninterrupted data collection in a stable environment. The TCM ensures maximum data quality for large-scale benchmarking campaigns with Benchmarker II.

It offers the following key product benefits:

  • Use of unmodifi ed test devices (smartphones) and their built-in RF antennas
  • Stable thermal environments and uniform conditions for all test devices to ensure comparable results
  • Simulation of multiple end-user scenarios (handheld, beside head) in different environments (pedestrian, in-car, in-house), using confi gurable RF attenuation per device
  • Unique device self-healing feature to minimize failures or lost data to prevent redrives
  • Convenient test device access and simplifi es future product updates

The patent-pending TCM shows the technology leadership, profound expertise in mobile network testing and ambition from Rohde & Schwarz MNT to provide high-quality products to efficiently collect reliable and high-quality data.


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