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R&S®SAM100 System Amplifier

Key facts

  • Ultra-broadband frequency range: 2 GHz - 20 GHz
  • Output power: 20W Psat and higher
  • High gain with low noise <8dB and excellent linearity
  • Very suitable for AM, FM, PM, PhiM, OFDM
  • Compact, modular and robust for DVT / PVT and EM

The perfect combination of high performance, wide bandwidth and low noise.

The R&S®SAM100 system amplifier is an ultra-broadband solid state microwave amplifier with a frequency range from 2 GHz to 20 GHz. With a power of up to 20 W, outstanding linearity and very good noise characteristics, the R&S®SAM100 amplifier is ideal as a compact system amplifier in various measurement setups e.g. design (DVT) and product validation test (PVT) or EMC. In measurement environments with R&S generators, frequency analyzers or network analyzers, they can act as drivers or / boosters and amplify the measurement signals. The R&S®SAM100 is also an excellent alternative to tube amplifiers as well as for multi-band assemblies consisting of narrow-band single amplifiers.

Features & Benefits

  • Broadband amplification
  • Compact and modular

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