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R&S®HFH2-Z2E Active Loop Antenna (Field-strength Measurements)

Broadband active loop antenna for measuring the magnetic field-strength components

8.3 kHz to 30 MHz

Key facts

  • Wide frequency range
  • High sensitivity
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Integrated overload warning
  • Bias unit R&S®IN600 for supply via coaxial cable

Brief description

The R&S®HFH2-Z2E active loop antenna is used to measure the magnetic field strength in the LF, MF and HF frequency range. It can be used for EMI measurements in line with various standards (i.e. CISPR, MIL, FCC, ANSI, ETSI)."

It is characterized by an almost frequency independent antenna factor and very high sensitivity.

In strong field environments an attenuator can be activated to reduce distortion. An integrated RF detector with a threshold circuit reports overload of the antenna.

The antenna is supplied via the coaxial cable using the optional R&S®IN600 Bias unit.


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