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R&S®HE400MW Antenna (Field-strength Measurements)

Microwave Handheld Directional Antenna

20 MHz to 20 GHz

Key facts

  • Wide dynamic range due to switchable active and passive mode (LNA ON/OFF)
  • Automatic antenna module and polarization recognition
  • Trigger button for external triggering of the receiver
  • Distinct directional pattern with the received maximum pointing to the front in the VHF, UHF and SHF frequency range
  • Fatigue-free operation due to the antenna design and the material used, which keep weight to a minimum
  • Can be mounted on a tripod (1/4″ tripod thread)
  • GPS/GLONASS receiver and electronic compass included
  • Adapter thread for a smartphone or tablet holder
  • Exchangeable cable set between antenna and receiver

Brief description

R&S®HE400MW microwave handheld directional antenna is primarily intended for locating transmitters and interference sources. The direction of signal sources can be found by pointing the antenna towards the direction of maximum signal strength. It is optimized for Rohde & Schwarz handheld receivers and spectrum analyzers, operating up to 20 GHz, e.g. R&S®FSH20. R&S®HE400MW consists of an antenna handle, a receiver-customized cable set, and different antenna modules, which can be easily attached with the locking ring. Every antenna module has an individual ID code which is automatically recognized by the antenna handle. Furthermore, all antenna modules can be mounted in vertical or in horizontal orientation (90 degrees rotated) to detect vertically or horizontally polarized signals.


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