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R&S®HL033 Antenna (Field-strength Measurements)


80 MHz 至 2 GHz

Key facts

Detection and measurement of RF signals
In conjunction with a test or monitoring receiver, the R&S®HL033 can be used for versatile applications, e.g. field-strength measurements or determination of direction of incidence and signal polarization.
Each antenna is individually calibrated. A CD-ROM with calibration data is supplied with the antenna.
The R&S®HL033 can also be used as a transmit antenna in the entire frequency range.

Recommended extras
Adapter for center support R&S®HL033M

Features & Benefits

  • Extremely broadband
  • Only one antenna required to cover a wide frequency range
  • Low frequency-dependence of radiation patterns and input impedance
  • Can be used as transmit antenna
  • Metal parts electrically connected to mast flange for protection against electric charges and lightning
  • Highly weatherproof
  • Stable installation due to optional center bracket
  • Individual calibration in line with ANSI C63.5


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