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R&S®HL046E Antenna

High Gain Log-Periodic Antenna

Key facts

80 MHz to 3000 MHz
Log-periodic antenna for EMS measurements

  • The High Gain Log-Periodic Antenna R&S®HL046E offers excellent broadband characteristics, a radiation pattern that is approximately rotation-symmetrical as well as high gain, making it particularly suitable for EMS immunity measurements.
  • In comparison with existing systems, the required field strengths can be achieved with a lower amplifier power. This is due to the high antenna gain.
  • Its small size, wide frequency range and folding mechanism make the antenna ideal for use in test chambers.

Recommended extras

  • Pneumatic Polarization Control R&S®HL046-P

Features & Benefits

  • High antenna gain, i.e. low amplifier power is required
  • No change of antennas needed over wide frequency range
  • Uniform object irradiation due to optimized radiation patterns
  • Small size
  • Influence of chamber reduced
  • Antenna gain approximately constant over the whole frequency range
  • Can be wall-mounted


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