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R&S®PWC200 Plane Wave Converter

For 5G massive MIMO base station testing

Key facts

  • Phased antenna array to form plane waves within an adjustable quiet zone (e.g. 1m ø)
  • No near-field to far-field transformation required
  • Requires 4 times less space compared to CATR based systems
  • Built in self test features
  • For R&D and production testing

Instantaneous measurements of far-field characteristics at close distance to the 5G massive MIMO base station

The R&S®PWC200 Plane Wave Converter is a bidirectional array of 156 wideband Vivaldi antennas placed in the radiating near field of the device under test (DUT). The phased antenna array can form planar waves inside a specified quiet zone within the radiating near field of the 5G massive MIMO base station for realtime radiated power and transceiver measurements (EVM, ACLR, SEM, etc.).

Features & Benefits

  • Compact base station test system design
  • Versatile quiet zone simulation
  • Automated field calibration
  • Electronic near-field scanning
  • R&S®PWC200 software tools


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