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R&S®ATS1500C Antenna Test Chamber for Automotive Radar

Ideal for development, validation and calibration

Key facts

  • In-band OTA measurements on 77/79 GHz automotive radar sensors
  • CATR with bidirectional parabolic reflector on a 1.3 m2 footprint
  • Capable of testing radar modules with aperture size up to 30 cm
  • High speed, high precision 3D tilt-tilt positioner
  • Ultra low reflectivity and exceptional shielding effectiveness

A must-have solution for up-and-coming automotive radar sensors

Transportable CATR based fully anechoic chamber with best-in-class performance

The R&S®ATS1500C antenna test chamber is based on the compact antenna test range (CATR) method and is specially designed for the latest automotive radar sensors. Together with the integrated R&S®AREG100A radar target simulator, crucial radar characteristics are efficiently and accurately measured under far-field conditions. These valuable insights can be utilized to enhance the performance of and precisely calibrate automotive radars to provide an accountable basis for ADAS and autonomous driving.

Features & Benefits

  • Far-field characteristics in a compact chamber
  • R&D, calibration and validation
  • Premium chamber quality
  • High speed, high accuracy positioner
  • Convenience and flexibility


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