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MUDC Series | Up-Down Converter

This can convert mmWave to microwave and vice versa. By converting to microwave, you can use conventional coaxial cables and the system setting becomes easier. If you combine it with an optical converter (E/O-O/E converter), it becomes a simple delay unit and you can measure radars on the benchtop. This is recommended for those who currently have microwave equipment but want to divert it to mmWave equipment, and those who are planning to start using mmWave.


  • A frequency converter
  • Suitable for mmWave measurement
  • Small and light

Example of Specification

Up Converter

  • Input frequency:1.5GHz
  • Output frequency:76.5GHz
  • C.L:15dB.typ
  • Max. input power:+20dBm.typ

Down Converter

  • Input frequency:76.5GHz
  • Output frequency:1.5GHz
  • C.L:15dB.typ
  • Max. input power:+20dBm.typ


  • Built-in power (battery)
  • Built-in LO signal
  • Additional amplifier

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