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Metrahit IM E-DRIVE BT

All-in-one: multimeter, milliohmmeter, insulation measuring instrument, coil tester and data logger for hybrid and electric drives

The METRAHit IM E-DRIVE BT is multimeter, milliohmmeter, insulation measuring instrument, coil tester and data logger in one. Applications include service and diagnostics for electric machines and systems, in particular in the automotive industry, in electric machinery manufacturing and in aviation technology.

An all-in-one instrument with 30,000 digits: milliohmmeter, multimeter, data logger, insulation resistance tester and coil tester.

Compact and multifunctional for use in the field: can be used advantageously in aircraft cockpits as well as in other constricted spaces, which would otherwise require the use of several individual instruments.

  • Safety-relevant tests for electric devices, drives and installations with a single field instrument
  • Testing of high-voltage systems in accordance with UN ECE R100
  • Insulation resistance measurement per EN 61557-2 / VDE 0413-2
  • Rlow installation testing per EN 61557-4 / VDE 0413-4
  • Bonding test and equipotential bonding measurement, e.g. on aircraft outer skins (lightning protection, wick test)
  • Milliohm measurement using 4-wire connection (Kelvin measurement) with 200 mA or 1 A
  • Insulation tester with test voltage from 10 to 1000 V
  • Coil test with 1000 V test voltage


Insulation Resistance Measurement with Interference Voltage Detection

Insulation resistance measurement with test voltages of 50 to 1000 V. If interference voltage of greater than 15 V AC or 25 V DC is detected during insulation measurement, an error message appears briefly at the display, after which automatic switching to TRMSAC+DC voltage measurement at 1 MΩ takes place.

Polarization Index (PI):

When test voltage is applied, insulation resistance is measured after one minute and after ten minutes. The polarization index is the ratio which results from the two measured values. In the case of electric drive units, a value of at least 2 indicates intact insulation and a value of greater than 4 indicates very good insulation.

Absorption Index (DAR)

Practically speaking, the absorption index test is a quick polarization index measurement. The ISO values measured after 30 and 60 seconds are used to generate a ratio.

Kelvin Connection for 4-Wire Measurement (4-L) (milliohm measurement)

The 4-wire measurement compensates for influences resulting from cable and contact resistances which must not be neglected when measuring very small resistances. Measuring current can be set to 200 mA or 1 A. In this way, even extremely small contact resistances can be measured, for example at welded and riveted joints and on aircraft outer skins (lightning protection and wick test), or equipotential bonding is measured in accordance with UN ECE R100 in hybrid and electric vehicles.

2-Wire Rlo Measurement with 200 mA Test Current per EN 61557 / VDE 0413

Low-resistance measurement per EN 61557-4 / VDE 0413, part 4, for earth, protective and equipotential bonding conductors.

Activatable Filter for V AC Measurement

A 1 kHz low-pass filter can be activated if required, for example when measuring cables with parasitic external signals. The input signal is checked by a voltage comparator for dangerous voltages as long as the low-pass filter is activated, and these are indicated at the display if applicable.

Diode Testing with Constant Current Ik = 1 mA

Testing of the polarity of diodes and checking for short-circuits and interruptions in electrical circuits. The test voltage source makes it possible to measure LEDs and reference diodes up to 4.5 V, e.g. also white LEDs.

Color Graphic Display

A high-resolution transmissive 3½" TFT color graphic display with 320 x 480 dots is used for measured values and menu navigation. The display is easily readable from all directions, as well as under difficult lighting conditions (controllable with light sensor). Graphic representation permits user-friendly menu navigation including help texts.


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