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Anderson Lam
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DC Power Supplies

Designed for versatile applications

Rohde & Schwarz offers a versatile portfolio of DC Power supplies that fit variety of test and measurement scenarios. Whether you are looking to equip an educational lab or integrate a power supply into a production test system, we have the right equipment for you.

Choose between our basic bench models that come in compact design and offer modular capabilities or high-performance products that can easily power industrial labs.

R&S®HM7042-5 Triple Power Supply
R&S®NGE100B Power Supply Series
R&S®HMC804x DC Power Supply
R&S®HMP2000 Power Supply Series
R&S®HMP4000 Power Supply Series
R&S®NGP800 Power Supply Series
R&S®HM8143 Three-channel Arbitrary Power Supply
R&S®NGL200 Power Supply Series
R&S®NGM200 Power Supply Series
R&S®M3SR IN4000A External Power Supply