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Deputy General Manager

Anderson Lam
(852) 2589 0842 (HK)
400 089 2388 (PRC)

Broadcast and Media

Test and measurement for broadcast and media applications

Ensure best signal and product quality with our test and measurement solutions.

Specialized T&M equipment is needed to operate and install TV and radio networks and also to develop and manufacture the necessary operating and receiving equipment.

Rohde &Schwarz offers test receivers as well as signal generators for various radio and TV standards for these applications.

R&S®ETL TV Analyzer
R&S®ETC Compact TV Analyzer
R&S®DSA DOCSIS Signal Analyzer
R&S®DVMS Digital TV Monitoring System Family
R&S®BTC Broadcast Test Center
R&S®VTC-VTE-VTS Video Testers
R&S®TA-TRS Sequencer