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Deputy General Manager

Anderson Lam
(852) 2589 0842 (HK)
400 089 2388 (PRC)

Signal Generators

Vector signal generators, analog signal generators, baseband and modulation generators.

Baseband, RF and microwave signal generators from Rohde & Schwarz excel in signal quality, flexibility and usability. Rohde & Schwarz signal generators offer wide frequency ranges up to 67 GHz (up to 170 GHz with frequency multipliers), feature modulation bandwidths up to 2 GHz and support all major mobile communications and wireless digital standards.

The portfolio ranges from ultracompact and unexcelled fast analog and digital signal sources, optimized for use in production and automated solutions, to premium class vector signal generators with multichannel and fading simulation capabilities for most demanding applications.

R&S®SMW200A Vector Signal Generator
R&S®SMBV100B Vector Signal Generator
R&S®SGT100A SGMA Vector RF Source
R&S®SMCV100B Vector Signal Generator
R&S®SGS100A SGMA RF Source
R&S®SGU100A SGMA Upconverter
R&S®SZV100A Q/V Band RF Upconverter
R&S®SZU100A IQ Upconverter
R&S®SMA100B RF and Microwave Signal Generator
R&S®SMB100A Microwave Signal Generator
R&S®SMB100B RF Signal Generator
R&S®SMC100A Signal Generator
R&S®SMZ Frequency Multiplier
R&S®AFQ100B UWB Signal and I/Q Modulation Generator
R&S®AFQ100A I/Q Modulation Generator
HMF2525/HMF2550 Arbitrary Function Generator
HM8150 Arbitrary Function Generator
R&S®Pulse Sequencer Software
R&S®WinIQSIM2™ Simulation Software