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Anderson Lam
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Network Analyzer

The Rohde & Schwarz vector network analyzer portfolio. Precise, fast, versatile.

Vector network analysis (VNA) is one of the most essential RF and microwave measurement approaches.

Rohde & Schwarz offers a wide range of versatile, high-performance network analyzers up to 500 GHz and multiport solutions up to 48 ports. A Rohde & Schwarz vector network analyzer is the perfect tool for analyzing passive and active components such as filters, amplifiers, mixers and multiport modules.

The network analyzers feature excellent RF characteristics and a wide variety of analysis functions that help the user evaluate important parameters at a glance.

R&S®ZNA Vector Network Analyzers (High End)
R&S®ZVA Vector Network Analyzers (High End)
R&S®ZVT Vector Network Analyzers (High End)
R&S®ZVA-Z Millimeter-Wave Converters
R&S®ZCxxx Millimeter-Wave Converters
R&S®ZVAX24 Extension Unit
R&S®ZVAX-TRM Extension Unit
R&S®ZNBT Vector Network Analyzer (Midrange)
R&S®ZNB Vector Network Analyzer (Midrange)
Switch Matrix
R&S®ZNL Vector Network Analyzer (Economy and Handheld)
R&S®ZNLE Vector Network Analyzer (Economy and Handheld)
R&S®ZND Vector Network Analyzers (Economy and Handheld)
R&S®ZVL Vector Network Analyzers (Economy and Handheld)
R&S®ZVH handheld cable and antenna analyzer (Economy and Handheld)
R&S®Cable Rider ZPH
R&S®RSC Step Attenuator
R&S®ZNrun Vector Network Analyzer Automation Suite (NWA Software)
R&S®ZNXSIM Simulation of VNAs (NWA Software)
R&S®ZN-Z1xx Calibration Kits Economy (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZV-Z1xx - Calibration Kits Economy (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZCAN Calibration Kits Economy (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZN-Z2xx Calibration Kits - Coaxial - optimized High End (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZV-Z2xx - Calibration Kits - Coaxial - High End (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZV-WRxx Calibration Kits - Wave Guide (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZV-Z4xx/-Z3xx Verification Kits (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZN-Z15x Calibration Units – economy - 2 to 24 ports (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZN-Z5x Automatic Calibration Units (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZV-Z5x Calibration Units – High End – 2 to 8 ports (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZN-Z3x Calibration Units - Inline (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZV-Z9x Test Cables - ruggedized (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZV-Z19x Test Cables - High End (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZN-ZTW Torque Wrenches (NWA Accessories)
Attenuators and Limiters (NWA Small Components Accessories)
Terminations and Matching Pads (NWA Small Components Accessories)
Bridges, Power Splitter and Junction Box (NWA Small Components Accessories)
Adapter – Miscellaneous (NWA Small Components Accessories)
VISA I/O BIB (NWA Literature – Software/Instrument Control)
R&S®ZVAB-B44 USB-to-IEC/IEEE Adapter (NWA Literature – Software/Instrument Control)
R&S®NRP-Z Power Sensors (NWA Accessories)