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Lico Wan
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Founded in 1996, it has two R & D bases in Xi'an and Suzhou, with a plant area of 40000 square meters and 500 employees. Its subsidiaries include Suzhou AGCO Saibo Power Technology Co., Ltd. (wholly-owned) and Beijing Lanjun Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. (holding).

Focusing on the fields of power electronics, power conversion and control, the company provides users with precision special power supply, active power quality control products and solutions for new energy, power, transportation, aviation industry, scientific research and other fields. It is an equipment manufacturer and solution provider in related industries.

Since its establishment, the company has continuously focused on R & D and innovation in the field of power electronic power change and control, mastered the core technology of independent intellectual property rights related to power electronic power change and control, obtained more than 100 patents, including more than 30 invention patents, participated in the formulation of national and industrial standards, and participated in a number of major national scientific projects, It has achieved a number of leading scientific and technological achievements, including the second prize of the national scientific and technological progress award, and has a good technical level in relevant fields.

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