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Deputy General Manager

Anderson Lam
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Our tagline – “Test. Improve. Repeat.” – embodies our testing philosophy: you can’t improve something unless you can measure it first.

We believe the way to solve just about any problem starts by testing where you are. You can then use that baseline measurement to figure out how to improve the situation. After that it’s just question of continuously repeating the process until you reach your goal.

Xena strives to develop the world’s best Ethernet T&M tools for performance and functional testing in R&D, Q&A, and manufacturing environments.

Founded in Denmark in 2007, Xena has sales offices around the world and markets its solutions through a global network of partners, winning multiple international awards for ease of use, responsiveness to customer needs and disruptive pricing policies.

Xena’s growth reflects the ubiquitous adoption of Ethernet across the global industries of networking, automotive, avionics, industrial, energy, and healthcare, all being fueled by the technology trends of Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Data Centers, and 5G.

Our customer base comprises equipment manufacturers, chip manufacturers, government and contractors, service providers, enterprises, and academia.