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Deputy General Manager

Anderson Lam
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400 089 2388 (PRC)

Rohde & Schwarz develops, produces and markets a wide range of electronic capital goods for industry, infrastructure operators and government customers. The independent group is among the technology and market leaders in all of its business fields, including wireless communications and RF test and measurement, broadcast and media, air traffic control and radiocommunications, cybersecurity and network technology.

R&S®ATS1800C CATR Based 5G NR mmWave Test Chamber
R&S®ATS1500C Antenna Test Chamber for Automotive Radar
R&S®ATS800R CATR Rack Based Antenna Test System
R&S®ATS800B CATR Benchtop Antenna Test System
R&S®ATS1000 Antenna Test System
R&S®PWC200 Plane Wave Converter
R&S®DST200 RF Diagnostic Chamber
R&S®TS8991 OTA Performance Test System
R&S®ESW EMI Test Receiver
R&S®ESR EMI Test Receiver
R&S®TS9975 EMI Test System Family
R&S®OSP Open Switch and Control Platform
R&S®ESRP EMI Test Receiver
R&S®ESL EMI Test Receiver
R&S®FSW-K54, R&S®FSV-K54 & R&S®FPL1-K54 EMI Measurement Application
R&S®CEMS100 Compact EMS/EMI Test Platform
R&S®TS9980 EMS Test System Audio and Video
R&S®TS9982 EMS Test System Family
R&S®HL046E Antenna
R&S®HF907 Antenna
R&S®HL562E Antenna
R&S®TS-EMF EMF Measurement System
R&S®FSWT Test Receiver
R&S®AdVISE Visual Inspection Software
R&S®ELEKTRA Test Software
R&S®EMC32 Measurement Software
R&S®ENV216 Two-Line V-Network (Disturbance Voltage Measurements)
R&S®ENV432 Four-Line V-Network (Disturbance Voltage Measurements)
R&S®ENV-4200 200 A Four-Line V-Network (Disturbance Voltage Measurements)
R&S®ESH3-Z6 V-Network (Disturbance Voltage Measurements)
HM6050 Two-line V-network (LISN) (Disturbance Voltage Measurements)
R&S®ENY81 Coupling Network (Disturbance Voltage Measurements)
R&S®ENY81-CA6 Coupling Network (Disturbance Voltage Measurements)
R&S®EZ-12 Antenna Impedance Converter (Disturbance Voltage Measurements)
R&S®EZ-25 150 kHz Highpass Filter (Disturbance Voltage Measurements)
R&S®EZ-17 Current Probe (Disturbance Current Measurements)
R&S®HZ-14 Active E and H near-field probe set (Field-strength Measurements)
R&S®HZ-15 E and H Near-Field Probe Set (Field-strength Measurements)
HZ540 EMC Near-Field Probe Set (Field-strength Measurements)
R&S®HL033 Antenna (Field-strength Measurements)
R&S®HL223 Antenna (Field-strength Measurements)
R&S®HL040E Antenna (Field-strength Measurements)
R&S®HL050 Antenna (Field-strength Measurements)
R&S®HL050E Antenna (Field-strength Measurement)
R&S®AM524 Antenna (Field-strength Measurements)
R&S®HK116E Antenna (Field-strength Measurements)
R&S®HF907 Antenna (Field-strength Measurements)
R&S®HL562E Antenna (Field-strength Measurements)
R&S®HE202 Antenna (Field-strength Measurements)
R&S®HE302 Antenna (Field-strength Measurements)
R&S®HE400 Antenna (Field-strength Measurements)
R&S®HE400MW Antenna (Field-strength Measurements)
R&S®HE400BC Antenna (Field-strength Measurements)
R&S®HL050E Antenna (Field-strength Measurements)
R&S®HM020E Antenna (Field-strength Measurements)
R&S®HFH2-Z2E Active Loop Antenna (Field-strength Measurements)
R&S®HFH2-Z6E Active Rod Antenna (Field-strength Measurements)
R&S®LAS Light-duty Antenna Stand (Tripods and Positioning Devices)
R&S®UAS Universal Antenna Stand (Tripods and Positioning Devices)
R&S®RAS Rod Antenna Stand (Tripods and Positioning Devices)
R&S®HFU-Z Tripod
R&S®HZ-1 Wooden Tripod
R&S®HZ-9 External Power Supply
R&S®RAM and R&S®RAZ Matching Pad
R&S®RBU50 and R&S®RBU100 High-Power Attenuator
R&S®NRX Power Meter
R&S®NRQ6 Frequency Selective Power Sensor
R&S®NRPM OTA Power Measurement Solution
R&S®NRPxxS/SN Three-Path Diode Power Sensors
R&S®ETL TV Analyzer
R&S®ETC Compact TV Analyzer
R&S®DSA DOCSIS Signal Analyzer
R&S®DVMS Digital TV Monitoring System Family
R&S®BTC Broadcast Test Center
R&S®VTC-VTE-VTS Video Testers
R&S®TA-TRS Sequencer
R&S®BBL200 Broadband Amplifier
R&S®BBA150 Broadband Amplifier
R&S®BBA130 Broadband Amplifier
R&S®SAM100 System Amplifier
R&S®AREG100A Automotive Radar Echo Generator
R&S®CompactTSVP Test System Versatile Platform
R&S®Scope Rider Handheld Oscilloscope
R&S®RTC1000 Oscilloscopes
R&S®RTB2000 Oscilloscopes
R&S®RTM3000 Oscilloscopes
R&S®RTA4000 Oscilloscopes
R&S®RTE1000 Oscilloscopes
R&S®RTO2000 Oscilloscopes
R&S®RTP Oscilloscopes
R&S®ZNA Vector Network Analyzers (High End)
R&S®ZVA Vector Network Analyzers (High End)
R&S®ZVT Vector Network Analyzers (High End)
R&S®ZVA-Z Millimeter-Wave Converters
R&S®ZCxxx Millimeter-Wave Converters
R&S®ZVAX24 Extension Unit
R&S®ZVAX-TRM Extension Unit
R&S®ZNBT Vector Network Analyzer (Midrange)
R&S®ZNB Vector Network Analyzer (Midrange)
Switch Matrix
R&S®ZNL Vector Network Analyzer (Economy and Handheld)
R&S®ZNLE Vector Network Analyzer (Economy and Handheld)
R&S®ZND Vector Network Analyzers (Economy and Handheld)
R&S®ZVL Vector Network Analyzers (Economy and Handheld)
R&S®ZVH handheld cable and antenna analyzer (Economy and Handheld)
R&S®Cable Rider ZPH
R&S®RSC Step Attenuator
R&S®ZNrun Vector Network Analyzer Automation Suite (NWA Software)
R&S®ZNXSIM Simulation of VNAs (NWA Software)
R&S®ZN-Z1xx Calibration Kits Economy (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZV-Z1xx - Calibration Kits Economy (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZCAN Calibration Kits Economy (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZN-Z2xx Calibration Kits - Coaxial - optimized High End (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZV-Z2xx - Calibration Kits - Coaxial - High End (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZV-WRxx Calibration Kits - Wave Guide (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZV-Z4xx/-Z3xx Verification Kits (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZN-Z15x Calibration Units – economy - 2 to 24 ports (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZN-Z5x Automatic Calibration Units (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZV-Z5x Calibration Units – High End – 2 to 8 ports (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZN-Z3x Calibration Units - Inline (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZV-Z9x Test Cables - ruggedized (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZV-Z19x Test Cables - High End (NWA Accessories)
R&S®ZN-ZTW Torque Wrenches (NWA Accessories)
Attenuators and Limiters (NWA Small Components Accessories)
Terminations and Matching Pads (NWA Small Components Accessories)
Bridges, Power Splitter and Junction Box (NWA Small Components Accessories)
Adapter – Miscellaneous (NWA Small Components Accessories)
VISA I/O BIB (NWA Literature – Software/Instrument Control)
R&S®ZVAB-B44 USB-to-IEC/IEEE Adapter (NWA Literature – Software/Instrument Control)
R&S®NRP-Z Power Sensors (NWA Accessories)
R&S®QAR Quality Automotive Radome Tester
R&S®CMW Series | CMW500 / 290 / 270 / 100 (Wireless Device Testers)
R&S®CMW100 (Wireless Device Testers)
R&S®CMPQ system (Wireless Device Testers)
R&S®CMQ500 Shielding Cube (Wireless Device Testers)
R&S®CMX500 Radio Communication Tester (Wireless Device Testers)
R&S®CMA180 Radio Test Set (Wireless Device Testers)
R&S®CTH100A/R&S®CTH200A Portable Radio Test Set (Wireless Device Testers)
R&S®TS-ITS100 RF Conformance Test System (Verification & Conformance Testing)
R&S®TS8980 RF Test System Family (Verification & Conformance Testing)
R&S®TS895xGW RF Test System Family (Verification & Conformance Testing)
R&S®TS-RRM LTE and WCDMA RRM Test System (Verification & Conformance Testing)
R&S®TS-LBS Test System (Verification & Conformance Testing)
R&S®GNSS-RxT Receiver Testers RED EN 303413 (Verification & Conformance Testing)
R&S®CMW-PQA Test System for Performance Quality Analysis (Verification & Conformance Testing)
R&S®CMW-ATE terminal testing solution for IMS and VoLTE (Verification & Conformance Testing)
R&S®TS8996 RSE Test System (Verification & Conformance Testing)
R&S®TS8997 Regulatory Test System for Wireless Devices (Verification & Conformance Testing)
R&S®TS-290 IoT Carrier Acceptance Test System (Verification & Conformance Testing)
R&S®RT-ZVCA Multi-Channel Power Probe (Wireless Communications Systems & Accessories)
R&S®TS7124 RF Shielded Box (Wireless Communications Systems & Accessories)
R&S®TS7121 Shielded RF Test Boxes (Wireless Communications Systems & Accessories)
R&S®CMW Accessories (Wireless Communications Systems & Accessories)
R&S®CMWrun Sequencer Software Tool (Wireless Communications Systems & Accessories)
R&S®SMW200A Vector Signal Generator
R&S®SMBV100B Vector Signal Generator
R&S®SGT100A SGMA Vector RF Source
R&S®SMCV100B Vector Signal Generator
R&S®SGS100A SGMA RF Source
R&S®SGU100A SGMA Upconverter
R&S®SZV100A Q/V Band RF Upconverter
R&S®SZU100A IQ Upconverter
R&S®SMA100B RF and Microwave Signal Generator
R&S®SMB100A Microwave Signal Generator
R&S®SMB100B RF Signal Generator
R&S®SMC100A Signal Generator
R&S®SMZ Frequency Multiplier
R&S®AFQ100B UWB Signal and I/Q Modulation Generator
R&S®AFQ100A I/Q Modulation Generator
HMF2525/HMF2550 Arbitrary Function Generator
HM8150 Arbitrary Function Generator
R&S®Pulse Sequencer Software
R&S®WinIQSIM2™ Simulation Software
R&S®FSW Top Class Signal and Spectrum Analyzer
R&S®FSWP Phase Noise Analyzer and VCO Tester (Top Class)
R&S®FSMR Measuring Receiver (Top Class)
R&S®FSVR Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (General Purpose)
R&S®FSVA3000 Signal and Spectrum Analyzer (General Purpose)
R&S®FSVA Signal and Spectrum Analyzer (General Purpose)
R&S®FSV3000 Signal and Spectrum Analyzer (General Purpose)
R&S®FSV Signal and Spectrum Analyzer (General Purpose)
R&S®FPS Signal and Spectrum Analyzer (General Purpose)
R&S®FPL1000 High Performance Spectrum Analyzer (General Purpose)
R&S®FSL Spectrum Analyzer (General Purpose)
R&S®FSC Spectrum Analyzer (General Purpose)
R&S®FPC spectrum analyzer (General Purpose)
R&S®FSH Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
R&S®Spectrum Rider FPH Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
R&S®VSE Software Desktop Signal Analysis
R&S®Server-Based Testing (Analysis Software)
R&S®GSACSM Communication System Monitoring (Analysis Software)
R&S®EVSG1000 VHF/UHF Airnav/Com Analyzer (Modulation Analyzers)
R&S®EVSF1000 VHF/UHF Nav/Flight Analyzer (Modulation Analyzers)
R&S®EDS300 DME/Pulse Analyzer (Modulation Analyzers)
R&S®EDST300 DME Station Tester (Modulation Analyzers)
QualiPoc Android
R&S®TSMx Drive and Walk Test Scanner
R&S®SmartONE Mobile Network Testing Software
R&S®ROMES4 Drive test software
R&S®5G site testing solution
R&S®MNT100 RF Interference locator
R&S®PR200 Portable Monitoring Receiver
R&S®Freerider 4 Backpack
Test Device Containment Module (TCM)
QualiPoc Android Probe
HMC8012 Digital Multimeter
HM8118 LCR Bridge/Meter
HM8123 Universal Counter
R&S®HMC8015 Power Analyzer
R&S®UPV Audio Analyzer
R&S®UPP Audio Analyzer
R&S®UPZ Audio Switcher
R&S®HM7042-5 Triple Power Supply
R&S®NGE100B Power Supply Series
R&S®HMC804x DC Power Supply
R&S®HMP2000 Power Supply Series
R&S®HMP4000 Power Supply Series
R&S®NGP800 Power Supply Series
R&S®HM8143 Three-channel Arbitrary Power Supply
R&S®NGL200 Power Supply Series
R&S®NGM200 Power Supply Series
R&S®M3SR IN4000A External Power Supply