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CERNEX, INC., is a company with a commitment to product excellence and technological expertise in state-of-the art thin-film hybrid and discrete microwave and millimeter-wave components, and sub-assemblies. Cernex was established to provide products and services to growing markets such as wireless telecommunications and fiber optic communications industry.

Cernex was incorporated in 1988 to develop and manufacture high quality thin-film hybrid gain modules, frequency multipliers, and amplifiers for the commercial and military markets. Their excellent technical staff and production facility enable the company to respond quickly to customers’ needs.

The Company's goal is to achieve the highest quality performance, reliability, service and on-time delivery. This goal has allowed the company to maintain a steady grow over the past few years.

Their management team consists of a team of senior design engineers and sales/marketing staff with over 150 man-years of experience in the microwave and millimeter-wave businesses.

Product Capabilities

CERNEX, INC., MANUFACTURES GaAs, HEMT, PHEMT, and MMIC based products covering 30KHZ-110 GHZ range for commercial and military applications. The company has been manufacturing Millimeter-wave products and subsystems up to 220GHz. All our designs are developed using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, and state of the art equipment. For many years, CERNEX, INC. has provided numerous design solutions for many types of systems.

CERNEX, INC. is a leader in custom design capabilities, and offers a variety of optional features, which include components such as integral isolators, limiters, filters, attenuators, gain control, coupled output ports for our amplifier products.

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