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Product Sales Representative

Lico Wan
(0755) 8376 1300
(86)136 6263 9627

Kukusui Electronics Corporation has a network of six sales offices and 80 agents in Japan which act as their points of contact with the customers, enabling them to precisely and quickly meet customer needs. Kikusui have also assigned supervisors for each product group, and have constructed a system that allows them to incorporate the performance and functions demanded by the customers into our product development.

Kikusui Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in June 2006 in Shanghai, China. It sells Kikusui products and provides support for the agent and service network in the China region.

PWR-01 Series: Smart & Auto-Ranging 400/800/1200/2000W
TOS9300 Series
PCR-MA Series
PCR-WE/WE2 Series
PMX-A Series: Compact & Bench 35~105W
PMX-Multi Series: Smart & Multi-outputs 192~222W
PCR-LE2 Series: Linear and Single/Three Phase 6kVA~kVA
PCR-LE Series: Linear and Single Phase 500~9000VA
PLZ-4W Series
PLZ-4WL Series
PLZ-4WH Series
PFX2000 Series
PFX2000 Series Basic Package
TOS5300 Series
KHA1000 Series
KPM1000 (with GPIB / USB)
PAN-A Series: Linear & Bench 160~1200W
PAD-LA Series: Linear 1600~3750W
PWX Series: Auto Ranging 750W/1500W
PAT-T Series: High Power 4KW/8KW~40KW
PMP Multi Channel Series: Compact Multi Outputs 119~138W
PBZ Series: Bi-Polar 400W/2KW/4KW
KDS6-0.2TR High Precision 0~6V, 0~200mA
PAV Series: Smart Switching 200~800W
PLZ-5W/5WZ Series
PLZ-U Series
PFX2500 Series
TOS7210S (SPEC80776)