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PAV Series

Smart Variable-switching
DC Power Supply


Ultra-compact high power
  • 19 inch rack-mount (max 6 units) 200 W / 400 W / 600 W / 800 W models available.
Standard Communication Interface
  • LAN*, USB, RS232C, and RS485 as standard communication interfaces. *LAN is a factory option
Multi-output system configuration
  • A variable power supply system of up to 31 channels can be configured using the built-in LAN / USB / RS232 / RS485 ports.
Parallel operation
  • Parallel operation is possible using several PAV series power supplies with the same voltage and current ratings (up to six using master-slave parallel connection with output current balance function).
Application software
  • Sequence Creation Software Wavy for PAV (SD024-PAV)



PLZ-5W Series

DC Electronic Load




  • Color liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • Maximum Slew Rate of 60 A/μs
  • High speed voltage tracking characteristics
  • Communication interfaces are included as standard
  • Sequence Creation Software Wavy for PLZ-5W (SD023-PLZ-5W)
  • Arbitrary I-V characteristics (ARB) mode
  • Booster (PLZ2405WB)
  • Parallel operation
  • PLZ-5W SR Large scale system SR Series (Smart Rack)



PWX Series

1U Multi Range Programmable
DC Power Supply


Performance and Functions:
  • Rated output power: 750 W/1500 W
  • Rated output voltage: 30 V/80 V/230 V/650 V
  • A wide range of voltage and current settings can be combined within its output power rating (3 times)
  • PFC circuit of 0.99 (with 100 V) or 0.97 (with 200 V) at full load *TYP value
  • Supporting universal input voltage (85 V to 265 V)
  • LAN (LXI compliant) /USB/RS-232C as standard interface
  • A virtual multi-channel bus (VMCB) function makes multi-channel operation more efficient
  • Emulation setting, Command language setting function
  • A thin and lightweight design with a 1U height for increased rack-mounting efficiency
  • Expandable output capacity by parallel operation
  • Expandable output voltage by series operation (up to 2 units by the same model and excluding 650V models)
  • External analog control function (Output control based on voltage and resistance; ON/OFF based on contact signals)
  • Analog monitor output (output voltage, output current, and operating mode can be monitored)
  • Various protection functions: overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and overheat protection



PMX-A Series

Compact DC Power Supply


A standard feature of the networking capability provides extended applications of the ordinary testing.
  • Series regulator system with excellent noise performance
  • High setting resolution - Voltage: 1 mV, Current: 0.1 mA (PMX18-2A)
  • Wide range of output variations (9 models are available)
  • LAN (LXI compliant) / USB / RS232C as standard interface
  • External analog remote control
  • Monitoring and status signal output
  • CV, CC priority start function (to prevent overshoot when the output is ON)
  • Remote sensing function (18V, 35V models)
  • Key lock, 3-point preset memory function

Easy access with the built-in web server

Application Software

Sequence Creation Software

SD025-PMX(Wavy for PMX)
  • The software that supports to the auto testing of the power supply. Allows you to create and edit sequence data easily using a mouse !

Free downloads of "Wavy" sequence creation software (Limited function edition *)
  • *The number of steps is limited up to 5 steps.




PCR-LE Series

High-performance multifunctional
AC Power Supplies


  • Wide-ranging specs DC output also supported
  • Selectable response mode
  • Power line abnormality simulation
  • Various measuring functions
  • Sequence function
  • Sensing, Regulation adjustment
  • Output current control
  • Eco-friendly function (Power-conservation function)
  • External communication
  • Memory function