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GL 7000

Modula Type Data Acquisition Platform

Modules allow wide range of measurements
  • Measurements for different applications can be added to the module. It is also possible to mix measurements by adding different types of modules.
Extending modules
  • Up to 10 modules can be attached to one main unit
  • Maintains the maximum sampling speed even when the number of input modules are incarcerated.
  • A wide variety of measurements can be supported by the input module. Up to 10 modules can be attached for multi-channel measurements, with up to 112 channels on one GL7000.
Touch panel system
  • The touch panel makes setting the conditions intuitive, and it can also be operated using the cursor keys similar to the GL series.
Supports multiple storage
  • Supports multiple types of storage and network function according to the condition of the measurement.



GL 840

Midi Logger



Expands to Two models for application specific use
  • Multi-inputs model - Suitable for temperature measurement in multiple cannhannels
  • Withstand-voltage Model – Suitable for voltage measurement in battery pack, or high-precision temperature measurement
3 types of input systems enable measurement of various signals



GL 240

Compact Size Data Logger

All Channel isolated/Universal input, Standalone Multi-Channel
  • Its compact size contains an isolated input system which ensures that signals are not corrupted by inputs to other channels.
Maximum sampling interval of up to 10ms
  • Provides faster sampling rate 10ms for voltage measurement.
Built-in 4GB Flash memory with SD card support
  • The new GL series enables reliable long term measurment with its built-in 4GB flash memory and SD card slot for external storage devices.
Useful Function
  • Various functions, such as a bar chart data display, alarm output function, and networking features, are available in the GL240 to assist be conveniently used.



GL 100

Petit Logger


  • It is modular type that is able to support variety measurement by exchanging the input module. Multiple sensors and the input terminal are available for corresponding to the application.
  • Easy measurement by multifunction input
  • Available the software for PC & Smart devices
  • Possible to check the data in multiple method
  • Reliable measurement with useful functions
  • Typical applications
  • Sales network