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Seki Diamond Systems is the leading provider of CVD diamond reactors — offering the industry’s broadest selection of Microwave Plasma CVD Systems, Hot-Filament CVD Systems, and Low Temperature CVD Systems. Hundreds of these systems have been delivered worldwide.


Microwave Plasma CVD Systems

Small Area R&D

Microwave Plasma CVD Systems

Low-cost, manually-controlled entry systems with 1" deposition area:

  • Easy to use, small in size
  • Quartz bell jar chamber
  • Reactor kit available (for user custom integration)
  • Heater kit (optional with up to 850C max. temperature)
  • Operating Pressure range: 10-50 Torr


Seki Diamond Model SDS 6300

1.5–5.0 kW — SDS 5000/6000 Series
Microwave Plasma CVD Systems

This series of advanced diamond CVD systems provides many important features and advantages:

  • Low- to high-power density plasma for accelerated diamond CVD growth rates
  • Flexible configurations for demanding polydiamond and single crystal processes
  • Stainless, cold-wall chamber
  • Heated and/or cooled stage
  • Multiple ports for plasma viewing and in-situ diagnostics, load-lock capable
  • Range of models available for recipe-driven computer control and manual operation


Seki Diamond Model SDS 6K

6 kW Microwave Plasma CVD System

Newest system for gem, tool and poly diamond production

  • Excellent process stability and repeatability
  • Operable in low- to high-power density plasma for accelerated growth rates
  • Unique temperature control capabilities at high power densities
  • Wide pressure operating range: 10-200 Torr
  • Clamshell lid for easy-access substrate placement and chamber cleaning
  • Recipe-driven automatic, semiautomatic and manual control


Hot Filament Diamond CVD

Blue Wave Hot Filament Diamond CVD System

Blue Wave
Hot Filament Diamond CVD System

Popular hot filament reactor for many R&D applications

  • Customizable 12” diameter, spherical stainless steel water-cooled chamber
  • BWS filament assembly for small and large area deposition
  • Reaches temperatures of 2500°C and above
  • 10-inch quick access door for sample and filament holder loading and unloading
  • Multi-flanged chamber for optical windows and accessories mounting
  • Base pressure compatibility >5 x 10-2 Torr, can reach ultra high vacuum (UHV) levels
  • Maximum baking temperature of 300°C when fitted with copper gaskets


NeoCoat Hot Filament Diamond CVD System

Hot Filament Diamond CVD Systems

Robust production reactor series for industrial diamond coating

  • Largest diamond CVD deposition surfaces on the market
  • Scaled for a range of deposition areas: 160mm x 160mm to 400mm x 1180mm
  • Solutions for pilot to large-scale coating production for tools, wafers, etc.
  • Ready-to-use solutions with low COO, broad capability
  • User-friendly GUI designed for volume production and easy maintenance


Low Temperature CVD

W&L NCS 3-150 Microwave Plasma CVD System
W&L TruDi Large Area Microwave Plasma CVD

Low Temperature CVD Systems

Ideal for substrates requiring lower temp deposition

  • Microwave plasma linear antenna systems
  • Low-temperature poly diamond deposition (<400°C)
  • For glass, polymers and other substrates requiring lower temps
  • Scalable for large substrates and moving web: 1 meter wide by multiple meter depth
  • Small system available for R&D (<8” diameter)


Diamond Seeds and Substrates

Larger, harder, serving a broader range of applications

Diamond plates and tool blank

  • Greater hardness and toughness than natural or HPHT diamond
  • Planar substrates with high purity, inclusion free and sector free
  • Single-crystal diamonds up to 10mm square
  • Mosaic-process diamonds up to 28mm square
  • Thickness from 0.01 to 2.5mm, ultra-thin available to less than 50µm
  • (110) and (111) plates for tools and electronics
  • Laser-cut custom shapes: circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, etc.
  • Single- or double-sided polishing available to Ra >5nm
  • Ideal thermal diffusion coefficient to protect devices from generated heat


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