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Vacuum Components

  • Vacuum Pumps

Ion Pump
/Noble Pump

Excel Pump

Titanium Sublimation Pump
/Tie-back Pump

Combination Pump

POWER Series Cryo Pump

POWER Eco Series Cryo

Cryogenic Trap for Roughing Pump Line

Air Cooled Freezer Module V-080R/V-081R

Air Cooled Freezer Module V-150R

Foreline Trap

Screw Type SDE Series for Hard Process

Roots Type MU Series for Light Process


Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers

Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (Process Gas Monitor) M-080QA-HPM

Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer(transducer type)
M-070QA-TDF, M-101QA-TDF, M-101/201QA-TDM

Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers (high-speed/high-sensitivity measurement)

Compact Gas Analysis System D Series
M-101/201/400GA-D Series


Vacuum Gauges

  • Transducer Vacuum Gauge Series

Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge M-342DG

Pirani Gauge M-350PG

Cold Cathode Pirani Gauge M-360CP

Ion Gauge M-311HG

Pirani Gauge (corrosion-resistant type) M-351PG

Crystal Ion Gauge M-336MX

Display (1ch type/3 ch type) M-601GC/603GC

  • Vacuum Gauge Series

Crystal Gauge M-320XG

Wide Range Ionization Vacuum Gauge M-431HG

Wide Range Ionization Vacuum Gauge M-833HG

Ionization Vacuum Gauge M-723HG, M-823HG, M-923HG

Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge M-012DM


Vacuum Gauge Tubes

Miniature Gauge MG-2/MG-2M/MG-2F MG-2/WF

Vacuum Gauge ball


Leak Detectors

Helium Leak Detector


Piping Parts

  • Ancillary Materials

Ultra-High Vacuum Flange

Connecting Components with ICF
(Fitting / Metal adaptor / Glass adaptor / 952-7806, φ15 adaptor)

Quick-release coupling

Vacuum Switch

Ultra-high Vacuum Viewing Port

  • Valves

  • Feed Throughs

Rotary Feedthrough Magnetic Coupling Type, Bellows Type

Linear Feedthrough

R/L Feedthrough

  • E-type Electron Gun

  • X-ray Source

Microfocus X-ray Source G-311MH

Semiconductor Device Manufacturing Equipment

Metal Gate Process PVD Equipment FC7100

Memory Wire PVD Mass Production Equipment IC7500

Interconnect PVD Equipment IC7200

PVD Equipment for Wafer Packaging IC7400

Surface Reaction Epitaxy Equipment FC7000(φ200mm)

PVD Equipment for Semiconductor (φ300mm support) EC7800

MRAM PVD Equipment NC7900

Dry Etching Equipment EC800

MRAM Etching Equipment NC8000

Storage Device Manufacturing Equipment

Disk PVD Equipment ML3000 Series

Sputtering Equipment for Magnetic Heads HC7100

Milling→Insulator→HARD Bias→Cap Layer Integrated Manufacturing Equipment HC7300

Dry Etching Equipment for Magnetic Film HC7400


Equipment for Electronic Device Manufacturing and for R&D

PVD Equipment for R&D EB1000

PVD Equipment for R&D/Small-Scale Production EB1100

PVD Equipment for Small-Scale Production EC7000 Series

PVD Equipment for LED Production EL3000 Series

SiC Electron Bombardment Anneal System (EBAS) EC7200

PVD Equipment for Electronic Component Production EC7400

LED PVD Equipment EC8100

Inline Type PVD Equipment for Electronic Component Production EL3200

Advanced Packaging High Productivity PVD Equipment EL3400

Panel Device Manufacturing Equipment

Compact PVD Equipment Uni-Fab Series SC7000

Multi Generation Support Vertical PVD Equipment DL3x00 Series

Horizontal Inline PVD Equipment SL3000 Series

Inline PVD Equipment SL3x00 Series

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