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AC Power Supplies

PCR-LE Series


  • High-quality/high-stability output with a high-speed linear amp
  • capable of various power line abnormality simulations and the sequence operation
  • single phase 500VA to 9 kVA, supporting the system for the single-phase, and expandable with optional drivers for the single-phase three-wire, and three-phase operation
  • expandable capacity up to 27 kVA (single-phase), 54 kVA
  • equipped with various measuring functions
  • features a full range of measuring functions and supports AC, DC, and AC + DC Outputs
  • Detachable front panel
  • Eco-friendly function equipped


PCR-M Series


  • Versatile output modes:
- Three modes (AC, DC, AC+DC) are available.
- The frequency range is up to 500 Hz.
  • Memory function:
You can store and recall three combinations of settings for voltage and frequency on the main unit. By calling the memory during output, you can test the sudden changes of voltage or frequency.
  • Measurement functions
You can measure the voltage, current and power of AC and DC output, apparent power, reactive power, power factor, crest factor and current peak hold.
  • Various communication interface options:
RS-232C is provided as standard. GPIB and USB are optional.
  • Control using a PC:
You can control the PCR-M Series through the standard RS-232C interface, the optional GPIB interface, or the optional USB interface. And by using the control software (Easy Controller for PCR-M) which comes with the PCR-M Series, you can easily set the parameters of the PCR-M Series and log the output measured values.


Electronic Loads

PLZ-5W Series


  • Equipped with 6 operation modes (CC, CR, CV, CP, CC+CV, CR+CV)
  • The input power is available in 6 kW, 10.8 kW, 15.6 kW, and 20.4 kW. The maximum input current is 2160 A. (*1200 A for PLZ6005W)
  • Achieving a rise time of 4 μS to reach the rated current of the electronic load. Power supply evaluation demands a fast-transient response which the PLZ-5W series achieves with ease.
  • LAN (LXI) / USB / RS232C are standard interface


DC Power Supplies

PAV Series


  • Ultra-compact high power:
19-inch rack-mount (max 6 units) 200 W / 400 W / 600 W / 800 W models available.
  • Standard Communication Interface:
LAN*, USB, RS232C, and RS485 as standard communication interfaces. *LAN is a factory option
  • Multi-output system configuration:
A variable power supply system of up to 31 channels can be configured using the built-in LAN / USB / RS232 / RS485 ports.
  • Parallel operation:
Parallel operation is possible using several PAV series power supplies with the same voltage and current ratings (up to six using master-slave parallel connection with output current balance function).
  • Application software:
Sequence Creation Software Wavy for PAV (SD024-PAV)


PWX Series


  • A wide range of voltage and current setting can be combined within its output power rating (3 times)
  • PFC circuit of 0.99 (with 100 V) or 0.97 (with 200 V) at full load *TYP value
  • Supporting universal input voltage (85 V to 265 V)
  • LAN (LXI compliant) /USB/RS-232C as standard interface
  • A virtual multi-channel bus (VMCB) function makes multi-channel operation more efficient
  • Emulation setting, Command language setting function
  • Expandable output capacity by parallel operation
  • Various protection functions: overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and overheat protection
  • Memory function (3 combinations of settings for voltage, current, OVP, OCP, and UVL)
  • Remote sensing function


PMX-A Series


A standard feature of the networking capability provides extended applications of the ordinary testing.

  • Series regulator system with excellent noise performance
  • High setting resolution - Voltage: 1 mV, Current: 0.1 mA (PMX18-2A)
  • Wide range of output variations (9 models are available)
  • LAN (LXI compliant) / USB / RS232C as standard interface
  • External analog remote control
  • Monitoring and status signal output
  • CV, CC priority start function (to prevent overshoot when the output is ON)
  • Remote sensing function (18V, 35V models)
  • Key lock, 3-point preset memory function


Battery Test System

PFX2500 Series


  • Maximum voltage: 60.0000 V/Maximum current: 50.0000 A (PFX2532: 200.000A)
  • Capable of seamless charging/discharging (high speed charging/discharging transfer control) (2512/2532)
  • Capable of high-precision measurement of cumulative capacities and amount of power as well as voltage and current
  • Pattern charging/discharging capabilities by 10000 steps are installed
  • Supporting temperature measurement and capable of monitoring temperatures during charging/discharging
  • High speed sampling with maximum 1 ms can be realized (2512/2532)
  • A 6 V range is newly installed and is capable of high-precision measurement (2512/2532)
  • Fully equipped with safety features of the overcharge protection using voltage, electric charge and temperature
  • Battery deterioration is prevented by turning off the output after detecting wobbling and shock with vibration sensor
  • LAN as standard equipment (2512/2532)


Electrical Safety Testers

TOS9200 Series


  • Rise-time control function
  • Fall-time control function
  • Offset cancel function
  • Measured-value hold function
  • Output voltage monitoring function
  • Memory function
  • Program function
  • Interlock Function
  • DC Discharge Function


TOS5300 Series


  • Hipot (Withstanding voltage): AC 5 kV/100 mA
  • Insulation Resistance: 25 V – 1000 V
  • Hipot (Withstanding voltage): AC 5 kV/100 mA, DC 6 kV/50 W
  • Hipot (Withstanding voltage): AC 5 kV/100 mA
  • The PWM amp system provides highly-stable output
  • High-precision measurement ±1.5% of reading
  • Rise/Fall time control function
  • Key lock function and Protection cover on the panel operation
  • Limit voltage function
  • Monitoring output voltage function
  • Calibration due notice and warning function
  • Equipped with USB interface




  • Test current value: 3 to 30 A AC / Resistance value: 0.001 to 1.200 Ohm
  • Offset cancelling function
  • Stores 100 test conditions in memory
  • Incorporates test conditions into program
  • Contact Check function
  • Equipped with standard GPIB and RS-232C interfaces
  • Equipped with standard test lead




  • Provided with the discharge function
  • Equipped with the window comparator
  • Hold function (which holds the measured resistance at the end of testing while PASS judgment is being output)
  • Provided with the timer function
  • Rear output terminals
  • Measured-value monitoring terminals
  • Equipped with the panel memory (enabling 10 different settings to be stored)
  • Equipped with the SIGNAL I/O connector and remote control terminal
  • Equipped with the RS-232C interface as standard




  • Measures leakage current in 3 operation modes: Touch Current (TC), Protective Conductor Current (PCC), and METER mode
  • Eight types of measuring circuit networks are incorporated in the tester for measuring the touch current of general electrical apparatuses
  • Possible to measure DC/RMS/PEAK, realizing the "true root-mean-square value" with 30 mA as the maximum RMS
  • User-friendly operability
  • Possible to choose between Independent and Automatic Testing
  • 51 types of preset safety standard tests
  • Function for controlling the calibration expiration limits


Fuel Cell Impedance Meter

KFM2150 system


  • Capable of measuring impedance in the frequency range from 10 mHz to 20 kHz.
  • Parallel operation by same model of PLZ-4W series enhances current capacity and power capacity.
  • Power capacity:
    • 1000 W, 200 A, load input terminal: 1.5 V to 150 V (KFM2150 system 1000-01)
    • 660 W, 132 A, load input terminal: 0 V to 150 V (KFM2150 system 660-01A)
  • Measuring AC current can be set from 0.1% to 10% (0.1% unit) of DC load current.
  • Capable of IR measurement with the current interrupt method.
  • Capable of varying DC load current while keeping measuring AC current setting (%).
  • Equipped with low voltage protection
  • External interface equipped as standard (RS-232C, GPIB, USB)


Harmonics and Flicker Testers



  • Supports harmonic and flicker compliance testing of single-phase and three-phase equipment
  • Installed with the latest standards of both harmonic and flicker limits
  • No need for a PC for compliance testing
  • Real-time measurement that gives you a quick grasp of the EUT status


EMC Testers

KES7000 system


  • Full compliance with ISO 7637-2 2004、ISO7637-3.2007
  • Load dump suppressor for pulse 5b:
    • The use of an amplifier circuit and a dedicated suppressor allows the system to generate waveforms that faithfully comply with the pertinent standards not only for pulse 5a required by ISO 7637 but also for pulse 5b.
  • Compact modular cabinet
  • Two types of CDNs available (60 V/50 A and 60 V/100 A)
  • Output terminals provided at a height of 5 cm above the floor level as specified in the ISO 7637-2 standard (enhanced reproducibility)




  • Electrostatic discharge simulator that complies with the EN/IEC61000-4-2 standard
  • Maximum testing voltage of ±30 kV exceeds all prescribed test levels:
    • The simulator can produce a maximum testing voltage of ±30 kV, allowing testing at higher levels than those required by the IEC standard Level 4 (± 15 kV). This allows you to identify the limit voltages at which the product being tested either malfunctions or breaks down.
  • Support of ISO 10605 standard


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