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Our Talents

Our strong corporate image coupled with good track record of achievements is indispensable to our continuous development. Our strengths and capabilities are built and continue to be improved by a highly motivated sales and marketing team, a professional customer service & technical team as well as a fully committed support function team, supported by an experienced management team.

Why Joining Us?

Are you looking for a place where your career could be further developed and teams are working together to achieve excellence by providing innovative solutions to our customers?

If your answer is “yes”, Act Now by exploring the below job opportunities.

Job Opportunities


Job Ref.


Employment Mode

HONG KONG HK-004 IT Support / Helpdesk Support FULL TIME
HONG KONG HK-003 Customer Service Coordinator (Sales Administration / Operations) FULL TIME
HONG KONG HK-002 Assistant Product Manager / Sales Supervisor / Senior Sales Engineer / Sales Engineer - Industrial Materials & Machinery FULL TIME
HONG KONG HK-001 Sales Supervisor / Senior Sales Engineer / Sales Engineer (Industrial Machinery & Equipment) - IM FULL TIME